(Loosely) named after the Greek god­dess of memory, this is my personal blog.

From Warrington to Wennington

A blog post about finding myself. I recently calculated my geographic mean, so Sarah and I undertook a mini-adventure to visit the actual spot, which at the time of writing is somewhere near Wennington, Lancashire. Taking advantage of a very welcome...

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Think twice before you soft delete

This is a code-heavy blog post about a specific pattern/third party library. I wanted to document the behaviours that other Django developers need to expect if they are not super careful when introducing a concept called soft deletion.

Soft deletion...

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Stick to the spaghetti trees

A plea to media outlets. Monday is April Fools’ Day, we all know that. I’m hanging on the news at the moment as the House of Commons lurches from one indicative vote to another non-binding directive and we are plunged into fresh uncharted territory...

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Tohora - instant web page control for balenaDash

A post introducing a recent hobby project of mine.

Last year I changed jobs and stopped working with digital signage. What do you know, though: the office I now sit in, at the super-nice Bradfield Centre, has a display on the wall, so I felt sort...

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Sleep under the sky

Last weekend I had some time to myself, and I made a trip to Norfolk/Suffolk and added a couple of bird species to my life list (goshawk, woodlark). I also took advantage of the crazy-warm February weather to do one of my favourite things: fall asleep...

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Roger that, basecamp

If you have children that are old enough to scoot or cycle off on their own, my tip: get some walkie-talkies. Our house has a fairly quiet road out the back, but pavement-next-to-busy-road is the only way to get to either the Rec or the local car...

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