(Loosely) named after the Greek god­dess of memory, this is my personal blog.

The Owl and the Cowpat...

…went to sea, in a beautiful pea-green spreadsheet.

I’ve written before about my love for wiggly lines.

Well, I had occasion earlier this week to draw a wiggly line quickly in Microsoft Excel. Delighted to spot this little vignette. (I know it...

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Feedback Loops

The most popular post on my blog (at the moment) is a how-to post about locking a VW Passat without activating the alarm. It gets a respectable amount of traffic and I’m always pleased by a small drip feed of grateful messages I get through my contact...

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The Mozz law of pricing

When I were a lad studying science I always dreamed of having a fundamental constant named after me, or maybe a unit or a law. Not that my achievements would even register on the scale: I’m certainly not claiming I’ve ever got near Planck, Newton...

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Now with added entropy

I’m currently working my way through this jar to make room in the cupboard for a jar of honey and a jar of tahini. I admit to being slightly perplexed by the seeming increase in items for sale which are just two other things mixed together.


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Holiday humbug

I was already feeling the beginning of this curve before spending a couple of weeks on holiday.

Given that I have found time to write a couple of blog posts, I’m (hopefully) on the downslope of the second bulge right now.

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Le Condimentâle

We discovered a new type of cheese while on holiday this year in France. In fact, you could say we invented it.

If you own a campervan or are a keen camper you might have been introduced to the concept of “Condimental”. I won’t reveal the name of...

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