(Loosely) named after the Greek god­dess of memory, this is my personal blog.

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Tohora - instant web page control for balenaDash

A post introducing a recent hobby project of mine.

Last year I changed jobs and stopped working with digital signage. What do you know, though: the office I now sit in, at the super-nice Bradfield Centre, has a display on the wall, so I felt sort...

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Sleep under the sky

Last weekend I had some time to myself, and I made a trip to Norfolk/Suffolk and added a couple of bird species to my life list (goshawk, woodlark). I also took advantage of the crazy-warm February weather to do one of my favourite things: fall asleep...

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Roger that, basecamp

If you have children that are old enough to scoot or cycle off on their own, my tip: get some walkie-talkies. Our house has a fairly quiet road out the back, but pavement-next-to-busy-road is the only way to get to either the Rec or the local car...

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Sports mode

Had a great time playing with my friend Aadi’s relatively-new drone in Girton this weekend. Another gadget goes on my wishlist.

I was amazed by the amount of tech crammed into such a small package, and in particular at how much angry-sounding power...

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FaceTime → EarTime

In our house we’ve spent countless hours on video calls to distant family members. Being able to see the other side of a call is amazing: we actually live in the future, right? You can wave at someone hundreds of miles away, show them your new favourite...

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A watched kettle never boils...

…so I’m not sure whether this see-through kettle in a shared workplace really did take forever to reach 100ºC. I was watching, and it took ages.

I used the state-change staring time to remember a physics supervision from university, and how much...

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