(Loosely) named after the Greek god­dess of memory, this is my personal blog. A collec­tion of my noodlings, if you like.

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Trumpety Trump

I rushed (virtually) to the App Store to download a copy of this trumpet simulator app after seeing this story on the news:

App iTrump wins trademark fight against Trump Organization

I used to love blowing my own trumpet and now I can do it on my...

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Horizontally Challenged

I like views. On our recent holiday we stayed on top of a hill and spent hours looking out at a particularly nice one. From the photographed bit of Tuscany, the furthest point that can be seen directly is about 27km away: a distant hilltop just visible...

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Mixing It

Back in the days when iPods were still A Thing, I remember being super embarrassed by mine. Picture the scene. I’m driving, university mates in the car, ROAD TRIP! Tune-age essential. So my friend Mark picked up my iPod - easy to find at the end...

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Safety is a shared responsibility

From the instructions for a new toddler pillow - which, by the way is scientifically proven to reduce cranial pressure by up to 50% and reduce flat head syndrome.

dangerous to use this product on elevated surfaces e.g… bed…

Definitely one to keep...

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How old is that gannet?

Yesterday I caught the last official day of “Tracking Animals” - an exhibition at The Hunterian in Glasgow curated by my good friend Nicky.

Iris pressed her four-year-old nose to the glass of the display cabinet and peered at the taxidermied seabird...

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A Cock and Bull Story

This is a short post bringing together my recent ramblings on TV tunnels with my love of meta. “A Cock and Bull Story” is one of my all-time favourite films, if not my all-time favourite. It’s a film about making a film of a book about writing a...

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