(Loosely) named after the Greek god­dess of memory, this is my personal blog. A collec­tion of my noodlings, if you like.

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FaceTime → EarTime

In our house we’ve spent countless hours on video calls to distant family members. Being able to see the other side of a call is amazing: we actually live in the future, right? You can wave at someone hundreds of miles away, show them your new favourite...

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A watched kettle never boils...

…so I’m not sure whether this see-through kettle in a shared workplace really did take an age to reach 100ºC. I was watching, and it took ages.

I used the state-change staring time to remember a physics supervision from university, and how much I...

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Ptilonorhynchus violaceus

A few of my favourite things came together last weekend. I was out for a chilly morning run, listening to one of my top podcasts (via bone conduction - my favourite way to listen while exercising), and the episode featured one of my favourite birds...

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Saucy chat

I visited a burger restaurant in Islington with workmates recently, and a very wide-ranging conversation included quite some discussion of sauces.

We compared favourites and tried to remember the differences between them all. It occurred to me that...

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First foray into fintech

Challenger banks are quite the thing these days. I am a big fan of both Monzo and Starling.

I wrote a python script (publicly available on github) to help me save some of my day-to-day cash into one of Starling’s “spaces” (their word for savings...

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I think I got/stole this idea listening to the Adam Buxton podcast a while back. It sort of nearly happened in real life, but not quite.

Background: Gogglebox, like battered Mars bars, is one of those things that when you first hear of it - if you...

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