(Loosely) named after the Greek god­dess of memory, this is my personal blog.

What type of typist are you?

Sharing a desk-photo of a diagram I’d drawn for work recently, I noticed the lamentable state of my keyboard in the margin. I can make out the places where my fingers rest when I’m using the keyboard, and the tops of the keys are all shiny and, well...

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Video time travel

In my previous post about spherical photography I mentioned how pleasing I find it that recording in all directions captures things you wouldn’t otherwise capture. And how you could shoot action, and then frame it later. (by rendering a spherical...

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Polar co-ordinates rule OK

After a recent save-up I found myself in a position to buy a new gadget, and excitedly ran (I actually did run, as I was training for a 10k) to the Apple Store. It wasn’t an Apple product I was collecting, though: an Insta 360 One X was mine, and...

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From Warrington to Wennington

A blog post about finding myself. I recently calculated my geographic mean, so Sarah and I undertook a mini-adventure to visit the actual spot, which at the time of writing is somewhere near Wennington, Lancashire. Taking advantage of a very welcome...

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Think twice before you soft delete

This is a code-heavy blog post about a specific pattern/third party library. I wanted to document the behaviours that other Django developers need to expect if they are not super careful when introducing a concept called soft deletion.

Soft deletion...

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Stick to the spaghetti trees

A plea to media outlets. Monday is April Fools’ Day, we all know that. I’m hanging on the news at the moment as the House of Commons lurches from one indicative vote to another non-binding directive and we are plunged into fresh uncharted territory...

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