(Loosely) named after the Greek god­dess of memory, this is my personal blog. A collec­tion of my noodlings, if you like.

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Blue-toothed yellowbike

Australian bird names (the English names, anyway) are often enjoyably “say what you see". A long time ago Sarah and I spent an unforgettable time in Oz, up close and personal with a lot of wildlife. We imagined the early colonists, privileged first...

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The Wind in the Willows

Honoured to be invited for lunch in Trinity Hall today. I got to see the Trinity Hall Prime in the SCR and met some friends for a catch up.

On the way over Garret Hostel Bridge the evidence of last night’s storm was viscerally obvious. With reference...

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Christmas pudding is my number one foodstuff. Alongside it, lasagne, haggis, flapjack and pies. Clearly I have a predilection for stodge.

We even have a term for it in our family. “Mozz food” has to have a certain density (calorifically and, er...

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Beverage bias

The UK version of Amazon Prime Photos just added a seemingly magic set of features to bring it to parity with the US version. My digitised photos - or at least, a private cloud-based copy of them - have been lodged there for a while, since unlimited...

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Alexa, tell me a joke

Following last week’s Siri shutout (football result was a double-zip deadlocker in A Field), more interactions with digital assistants today.

We are trying out an Amazon Echo Dot, primarily because changing the station on the “radio” in the kitchen...

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Siri shut-out

Spent an enjoyable few minutes watching a four year old barking questions at Siri yesterday evening. Iris is largely unimpressed with her reverse namesake. I guess because Siri has a name, and because of the way we mock-reverentially talk to Siri...

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