Induction by Sod's Law

29 Oct 2012

Sarah and I are waiting for a baby at the moment. I’m certainly excited, but Sarah can’t wait to get on with the whole birth thing!

It makes statistics like these highly pertinent: Probably Overthinking It - are first babies more likely to be late?. Highly recommended reading, by the way.

There are many traditional methods of “getting things moving” -ahem - but one that only occurred to me recently, I’ve called “Induction by Sod’s Law”.

In a conversation at work someone said, “get in yer car and drive to the middle of nowhere. As far from hospitals as you can get. Then the baby’ll come.”

I wonder what else could be induced by Sod’s Law… It’d be like the opposite of “fail to plan, plan to fail”. Or something.

Tags: personal, game theory, statistics