How many nappies to go?

22 Jan 2013

Recently, wee Iris experienced a nappy surplus. We had too many of the things in size 2, and she outgrew them.

In an attempt to avoid this happening again, and so as to avoid wastage and expenditure, I have developed The Nappy Predictor Module (TM).

I used data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and a statistical function from StackExchage.

The results show that Iris is about 86th percentile (weight-for-age). All parents are obsessed with this, it comes with the territory.

They also indicate that she will outgrow size 3 in approximately 44 days.

I’ve shared my Google Spreadsheet below, and published the functions to the Google Scripts Gallery. If you have a baby and want to avoid the same situation, play with the numbers in your own copy!

Spreadsheet - Nappy Predictor Module

Tags: statistics