Two more metaphotos for my collection

17 Jun 2013

I’ve mentioned my liking for metaphotos before.

Now, with the hugest of thanks to photographer extraordianaire, Quentin, Sarah and I have a great set of photos of wee baby Iris. Equalling Iris’s toy collection in size and quantity but probably surpassing it in terms of expense, the contents of Quentin’s photographic kit bag were put to deft and skilful use, and the results are brilliant. Grannies/grandmas/granddads reading this: we are deliberately witholding the full set, but don’t worry, just be patient!

Links to full versions of these two metaphotos on flickr:

Model Behaviour

Chairman Iris selects her publicity shot

The latter photo really reminds us of images of dictators, the kind usually brandished on a placard above a protest or a procession - hence its title. I think it’s the two-dimensional perspective and the studio-esque lighting… or something.

Thanks also to Quentin for introducing the terms “snoot” and “flash bender” into my vocabulary.

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