Survival Night 2013

28 Jul 2013

As I needed to air my tent and check my camping stove in preparation for a Scottish expedition, it seemed a good opportunity to think: how would Sarah and I - and Iris! - manage if our house was without power, gas or water?

I’ve a fair bit of outdoor kit anyway, but have indulged my inner caveman by putting together a bit of a “survival kit” at home. Checking it over once a year seems like a good thing to do, so Survival Night will become an annual event.

We didn’t restrict ourselves to eating cold beans from a tin. If the lights went out, I’d eat the food from the fridge and the freezer first, anyway. Admittedly doing it in late July made things significantly easier, but a candlelit glass of wine/whisky made a very nice end to the evening.

And I had to camp out in the garden, just to check the tent was ok, you know…

Tags: house, personal