On thermostats

27 Oct 2013

Crawling into a cupboard with a headtorch and squinting at an LCD display while repeatedly pressing buttons isn’t much fun. Until recently, this was the only way we could control the central heating in our house.

So it was with some pleasure that we upgraded our house’s thermostat. We now have a Heatmiser wifi thermostat, and we are truly living in the future. We can:

  • reprogram the heating without needing a headtorch
  • turn the heating on/off/up/down from any network-connected device
  • tell the system we’re away for the next x days, and have it save fuel
  • check on the system from anywhere

Being able to “make fire” from miles away feels like such a step up from a caveman rubbing twigs together!

I’m also excited about what (other) geeks on the internet have done with Heatmiser.

Tags: geeky, house, data, recommendation