Blinking technology!

03 Jan 2014

It used to be possible to tell that a household had nobody under the age of thirty in it by examining the VCR. If it had “12:00” flashing on the screen, it was a dead giveaway - nobody tech savvy lives here.

I can’t claim this as my own insight, but I’ve forgotten who told it to me. My memory, again. Anyway, today I have had to resort to writing the channel numbers of non-crap channels on a piece of paper and sellotaping it to the back of the remote control. Is this the first sign of old age?

I share my handiwork for the benefit of other Virgin Media users. In fact, I might make this into my first shared Anki deck. As I write that, I realise that making and sharing an Anki deck might well be beyond my techno-patience: although not, I would venture, due to old age or infirmity…

Update Anki deck - Virgin Media channel numbers

Tags: memory, anki, tv