Work like a cicada...

06 Jan 2014

…or how to do all the things, but not all at once.

With it being the beginning of a new year, I’ve spent a fair bit of time this past week doing routine things - backups, checks, tests and so on. I’m an organised type, so I do things like this periodically: some of them monthly or yearly, some of them every quarter, some of them every couple of months.

Thanks to the divisibility of the number 12 and the Gregorian calendar, a whole load of these tasks become due at the beginning of a year.

I could spread the tasks out, but it suits me to schedule them to happen on Mondays, which means they coincide more often than they otherwise would do. I wonder: perhaps I should adopt a different schedule. 5-weekly, 11-, 17- and 53-weekly repeating tasks would mean this didn’t happen again, a bit like a periodical cicada beetle.