A load of gas

01 Oct 2014

Why are ovo so bad at estimating my meter readings? This zig-zagging blue line shows my gas meter readings, estimated and actual (the red line joins the actual readings). I submit precise, steady readings once a month, a few days before my monthly statement. On their side, ovo are consistently estimating my gas consumption rate at nearly 20 times the true rate. They apply this during the intervening handful of days and draw up the statement.

I note that ovo advertise the fact that they pay interest on credit balances (for the record, our balance is currently nearly 4 months'-worth-of-energy in credit, and I’ve already been given a refund). I also note that over-estimating our consumption rate like this works in their favour by reducing my apparent positive balance, just in time for the statement each month.

The situation is the same on electricity, although the estimated rate there is 130% of the truth, rather than 1920%, and on the gas, it’s not as bad in winter, but it’s still a factor of two.

Just sayin'.

Tags: data, rant