To the Linacre Institute and its students - chapeau!

28 Jan 2015

A good friend of mine set up a charity a little while ago, and I was honoured and pleased to be able to help out when he asked me to help build them a website. The Linacre Institute aims to help talented and disadvantaged students at northern UK comprehensive schools fulfil their potential and make successful applications to the country’s top universities. Students like this are currently very under-represented at Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and elsewhere.

Now, the website plays no part in the tutoring, mentoring, workshops, residential courses and only a tiny part in the huge efforts of fundraising and garnering support. I take my hat off to everyone more involved than me in those activities (I helped a teeny tiny bit with some of the physical sciences students, really nothing compared to what others contributed). I applaud the students who got involved, challenged themselves and put in the applications.

It’s inevitable that some of them didn’t get an offer from their first choice university - my commiserations to them. Overall though, I’ve been rather impressed to hear that the Institute has had a very successful first year indeed.

70% of their students were made an offer by Oxford, Cambridge or Imperial

Well done to all involved!

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