Time is postage

22 Feb 2015

<rant>To use the Royal Mail website to print postage, you might naïvely think that starting at their home page would be a good idea.

If you do try this, here is how to print postage.

  • Click “Print your postage”, then
  • Under “Online Postage (OLP)” click “Buy now”, then
  • (you’re at a page called “Online Postage”), then click “Buy postage online”.
  • You’re now at “Easy start” (navigation says “Home > Discounts & Payment > Home | Online Postage”), and finally
  • Click “Get started”.

Simple! Now, if you want to purchase more than one “stamp”, be ready for each one to print onto a separate piece of paper, even though you have to painstakingly tell the website which quadrant of the page you want each and every one to print on.

If you are sending a parcel, good luck working out what size category it falls into. Note that prices for the old “larger small” size are no longer temporarily reduced - more details. </rant>

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