25 Apr 2015

I suspect every parent feels the feeling I have at the moment. Right now, Iris is fast asleep next door dreaming, probably, of the bears that she says often visit her at night and take her to the park. She’s totally fine, except for a bump on the face - exacerbated by her new sunglasses whacking into her right next to the eye.

She had a bit of a trapeziuming incident today, after I let her go on “the big girls' swings”. She’s been on them many times before: the rule she knows is “always hold on”. Everything was fine until I gave her an overzealous push (is this hindsight?) and she looked over her shoulder. Losing her balance was one thing but she stuck to the rules admirably, holding on to the chains with her feet (!!) while dangling upside down from the seat, the top of her head a terrifying inch from the ground below. I suspect this moment was rather shorter than it felt and she certainly didn’t enjoy it, or hang around (pun not intended, but left in so that the reader shares some of my agony). She quickly slithered out of this impossible position and met the floor pretty much horizontally, although with a slight faceplant.

Definitely more painful for Dad than for her. I know this, because I’m still wincing and feeling guilty, and she’d forgotten it within five minutes. Hugely helped, I have to say by my first cousin once removed (Iris’s second cousin, I’m sure you can work out). Thank you Poppy for swinging into action with an improvised game of hide and seek: it took both our minds off things pretty quickly!

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