A level 4 meta-story

21 Aug 2015

Frog and toad.320x320

Iris is really into Frog & Toad at the moment. Last night we read “The Story”, in which Toad remarks to Frog that he’s looking a bit too green. Frog takes to bed and asks Toad for a story, but his dry-skinned buddy can’t think of one. Toad pours water on his head, stands on his head and does various other things to his head to no avail. He just can’t think of a story. It takes so long that eventually Frog feels better, and by then Toad is feeling a bit ropey himself.

So they swap places. And what story does Frog tell Toad? “Once upon a time,” said Frog, “there were two good friends, a frog and a toad. The frog was not feeling well. He asked his friend the toad to tell him a story. The toad could not think of a story…”. So there I was reading a story about Frog telling a story about a story.

And, since this blog post is in some sense a story, I’m calling it a story about reading a story about Frog telling a story about a story: a level 4 meta-story. Mmm, all meta-y.

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