Remember, remember the xth of November

08 Oct 2015

I have an old-fashioned, non-smart, not-even-digital watch. I have to fiddle with the little rotary adjuster thingamabob to set the date to “1” at the end of every month with fewer than 31 days. How do I remember the length of all the months? That rhyme, right? The one that everybody knows: “30 days hath September…”

Mnemonics are great, but if this is supposed to be one (wikipedia says it is), it’s a terrible example. Here’s an equally good rhyme.

30 days hath October,
February, June and December,
All the rest...

You get the idea.

With Iris’s Bonfire Night Birthday a month or so away, she is also getting interested in dates. She has trouble saying “fifth” so she just claims that her birthday is the “sixth”, because she can pronounce that. Might as well be; as far as she is concerned, it’s a lifetime away.

Remember, remember the xth of November

And so on.

Here is a better mnemonic for the length of the months, using your knuckles.

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