IRN-BRU sorbet

17 Feb 2016

Burns Night is a big deal in our family, and we celebrated it last month. The past couple of times I’ve made (what I think is) a successful sorbet from IRN-BRU, the most Scottish of soft drinks.

I started from this recipe courtesy of Jane Levi/Silphium. Realising that the flavour would be more intense if I didn’t dilute the BRU, I figured:

There are 10.3g sugar in 100ml of IRN-BRU (source). Levi’s recipe therefore has 262g sugar in 900ml of fluid (0.29 g/ml) - approx 3 times as sugary as IRN-BRU normally. I wanted a smaller quantity with slightly less sugar, but more intense BRU flavour, so:

  • Reduce 1200ml IRN-BRU in a large saucepan until the volume is 500ml (i.e. 0.24 g/ml)
  • Add 1 tbsp lemon juice and chill
  • Put in ice cream maker
  • After about 10 mins, add 1 egg white, gently broken up
  • Add few drops red food colouring (the mixture goes whiter as it freezes)

Final tip: don’t drink IRN BRU near your bedtime. I considered going for a midnight run to burn off the excess energy after drinking some of the spare from a 2l bottle.

Tags: food, recipe