14 Nov 2017

Christmas pudding is my number one foodstuff. Alongside it, lasagne, haggis, flapjack and pies. Clearly I have a predilection for stodge.

We even have a term for it in our family. “Mozz food” has to have a certain density (calorifically and, er, massively). I love to crunch a crisp, to consume a cracker, but when hungry I will bat away these lower density delights in favour of something with a bit of heft to it.

So it was with joy and surprise that I recently discovered Bobotie. How have I got to [my age]( was born) without somebody introducing me to this wonder dish? My first-taste, over-excited, mouth-full exclamation that “this is like a cross between bread-and-butter pudding and moussaka” failed to do justice to this culinary creation.

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