First foray into fintech

16 Jan 2019

Challenger banks are quite the thing these days. I am a big fan of both Monzo and Starling.

I wrote a python script (publicly available on github) to help me save some of my day-to-day cash into one of Starling’s “spaces” (their word for savings goals). I’ve punched in how much I want to start each month with, and how much I’d like to leave at the end, as a buffer.

The script works out how far through the month it is, and whether any of the current balance is spare. Then offers to save it.

I can do all this using the very nice Pythonista app on my phone, with one click from a home screen button.

I find it highly motivating to be able to save little amounts each day while knowing I shouldn’t end the month too close to zero.

My first savings goal is called “Spherical camera”.

Tags: money, geeky, code