Saucy chat

20 Jan 2019

I visited a burger restaurant in Islington with workmates recently, and a very wide-ranging conversation included quite some discussion of sauces.

We compared favourites and tried to remember the differences between them all. It occurred to me that being able to compare one sauce’s recipe with another’s might be a fun geek project in git. So, here is the result of a hour’s wikipedia research and some tapping at a command line on a train ride:

A couple of interesting diffs:

In the past I’ve often marvelled at the number of different things it’s possible to make from flour, eggs, butter, sugar and water or milk in differing quantities. It covers pasta to pancakes, custard to cakes - wobbly, crumbly, crunchy, chewy. Makes me want to return to making crème caramel (another recent obsession). And one of the few foods that wouldn’t be improved by the addition of mayonnaise.

Tags: food, geeky