Roger that, basecamp

20 Feb 2019

If you have children that are old enough to scoot or cycle off on their own, my tip: get some walkie-talkies. Our house has a fairly quiet road out the back, but pavement-next-to-busy-road is the only way to get to either the Rec or the local car park (best place to learn to ride in Girton is the one at the top of Wellbrook Way).

I’ve got a couple of Motorola T82s and two Cobra AM245s. The former are fairly large and expensive, but really excellent (I wanted USB chargeable plus the ability to use AA batteries). The latter are cheap, simple and small enough to fit in little pockets and to be used by little hands.

No more Fenton-style parent-voice squawking “stop! stop! wait for us!” as we walk: Iris and Finn love the missions we set for them. The devices are great for outdoor trips, especially camping. And we can bed them down with walkie-talkies, too, because the younger Morrisons are sensible enough to use walkie talkies as a longer-range baby monitor.

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