Video time travel

05 Jul 2019

In my previous post about spherical photography I mentioned how pleasing I find it that recording in all directions captures things you wouldn’t otherwise capture. And how you could shoot action, and then frame it later. (by rendering a spherical video into a normal video that tracks the desired subject)

So I have to share this thing, shared from the internet recently by my friend Dan. A couple of tourists are recording a spherical stroll round a Mallorcan town. They look at the views - the weather seems really nice - take a couple of (normal) pictures, and get pickpocketed.

So right there is a new use for this technology. We see the incident, and retrospectively focus on the two people behind the tourists, who were never intended to be the story. It’s not a totally new phenomenon - people have captured video by accident ever since video was invented, I suppose. This just seems a more powerful way of doing it, with the accidental subject reframed in centre stage. Pickpockets everywhere will be looking out for spherical cameras (or so I hope).

(I’m afraid the video quality isn’t a great advert for the camera - suspect hasty upload or downsampling)

Tags: geeky, photography