I got an e-scooter for my birthday...

30 Oct 2019


…aaaand I’ve broken my ankle.

The scooter is great fun, and I whirred to work along the guided busway. I learned quickly that if you’re travelling at over 20 kph without making any effort, October days in Cambridgeshire start to feel cold very quickly. Dug out the big gloves a bit early this year! Iris and Finn keep asking if they can have a go, and are counting down the days until they are old enough (about 2,500 in Iris’s case, if we go by manufacturer’s recommendations).

Being on crutches, on the other hand, is no fun at all. I’m super lucky to be surrounded by helpful people. I can hobble about, I can deal with pain. But I can’t make a bowl of porridge or a cup of coffee and carry it across the kitchen. Doors that open outwards? Tricky. I’m getting the hang of stairs and showering. Being this dependent on others for such basic things is really eye-opening. I have a stronger respect and concern for people who live alone, struggle with similar things, and don’t have the same help and support as me. I was particularly grateful to have my ultra helpful parents around during half-term week: they had thought it was their grandchildren they were coming to look after until my text last week had them putting on the “Paw Patrol” theme tune and driving back from Wimpole with Iris and Finn to rescue me.

Finally, if you were imagining me coming a wally cropper while childishly scooting on a pavement: it didn’t happen that way! The avulsion fracture to my ankle was actually a football injury. Annoying to be sidelined by it right after getting such an exciting new vehicle. Recovery will be a long road, but it’s not sounding as bad as it maybe could have been.

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