The Mozz law of pricing

20 Sep 2020

When I were a lad studying science I always dreamed of having a fundamental constant named after me, or maybe a unit or a law. Not that my achievements would even register on the scale: I’m certainly not claiming I’ve ever got near Planck, Newton and other such giants. The name of Gauss (Johann Carl Friedrich, that is) kept coming up during my lectures: he seems to have earned quite some naming rights.

Here’s my piddling contribution. It’s so feeble I’ve had to name it myself. I self-aggrandisingly call it the Mozz Law of Pricing. It comes in handy when you’re wondering how much something might cost. Perhaps you’re thinking of paying someone to do some work for you. How much might a new carburettor cost? How much would replacing a bathroom cost? I’ve no idea. But I can come up with a price that I might realistically hope for, and one that I semi-secretly fear. The price will be within those bounds. If not, either grab it, or run.

Tags: personal, geeky, money