Now with added entropy

20 Sep 2020

I’m currently working my way through this jar to make room in the cupboard for a jar of honey and a jar of tahini. I admit to being slightly perplexed by the seeming increase in items for sale which are just two other things mixed together.

Salted butter is an oldie. Admittedly, I couldn’t make salted butter (easily) from salt and butter in my cupboard/fridge, but then I never consume butter in solid form anyway. Does anyone spread salted butter on bread? I suppose that would be a niche use for the product, but I’m much happier with the lower-entropy salt and butter, kept separate until needed.

There are some good ones, I suppose. Gin & Tonic in a can - now I can see a use for that if you are travelling. If you’ve a desire for conditioner, mixing it with shampoo is convenient, I concede.

Once I worked my way through most of a jar of “rainbow pepper” to extract pink peppercorns because the supermarked had the former but none of the latter.

Finally, I’m not sure what to make of this offering - the PB and the J in the same jar… might give it a try one day

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