No power tools or tools kept in this van

05 Apr 2021

Seen on the back of a van a while back: an inverse pedantic notice. The set of all tools includes the set of power tools, right? Save yourself some words!

On a Venn diagram, there is nothing in the “power tools” set which isn’t also in the “tools” set.

Then again, it might be better represented as an Euler diagram.

Venn diagrams vs Euler diagrams

I particularly like this example of an Euler diagram: British Isles Euler diagram - in fact it was while researching the overlaps between British Isles and United Kingdom that I first entered the set of people who realise that lots of so-called Venn diagrams are actually Euler diagrams. As is so often the case, my good friend Quentin has already been quite some way down this particular academic avenue.

Tags: geeky, maths