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14 Nov 2017

Beverage bias

The UK version of Amazon Prime Photos just added a seemingly magic set of features to bring it to parity with the US version. My digitised photos - or at least, a private cloud-based copy of them - have been lodged there for a while, since unlimited (photo) storage is an included benefit of the aforementioned subscription service. The new features could loosely be called “AI” - in that Amazon’s computing power has churned over my pixel collection and applied a bit of machine learning: face recognition, object recognition and geolocation deduction.

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21 Oct 2017

Alexa, tell me a joke

Following last week’s Siri shutout (football result was a double-zip deadlocker in A Field), more interactions with digital assistants today. We are trying out an Amazon Echo Dot, primarily because changing the station on the “radio” in the kitchen is such a hassle with Sonos. I know, First World problems. If others are interested, integration with Sonos is a new Alexa skill, and if you have existing Sonos devices, it’ll work, but it ain’t spectacular.

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13 Oct 2017

Siri shut-out

Spent an enjoyable few minutes watching a four year old barking questions at Siri yesterday evening. Iris is largely unimpressed with her reverse namesake. I guess because Siri has a name, and because of the way we mock-reverentially talk to Siri, Iris follows suit. She realises she’s not talking to a person, but she’s not quite got a sufficiently deep understanding to realise that some questions are just non-starters. So she quizzed Siri with:

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30 Mar 2013

Outsourced brainpower

I can’t remember when I first noticed TL;DR appearing on web pages. On the face of it, a TL;DR is a kind of “executive summary”, intended to save the valuable time of the reader. I wonder whether the rise of the TL;DR is a property of the medium - it’s harder to read extended passages on a screen than it is on paper - or of the reader. Demands on our attention are so intense and frequent, especially while online, that spending longer than few seconds reading something feels like a major commitment.

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