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28 Oct 2018

Am I on time?

Is there something which will tell me - while I’m riding a bike - whether I’m on time for a train? Even if I could find the right app, fiddling with a smartphone isn’t an option: it’s already cold enough in Cambridge that I’m wearing gloves on my pedal-based commute. My Garmin Edge GPS offers “ETA”, can be operated with gloves on, can follow a track and offers “training mode”, all of which seems promising.

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09 Nov 2014

Tyred of cycling

There are times when cycling is just not cool. Having had four punctures within a week, on the same wheel, I gave up crouching in my garage and took my front wheel to my local bike shop. For this story, it’s important to realise that I have more than one bike, and I used a working one to pedal over, carrying the rogue wheel in one hand and steering with the other.

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14 Jul 2014

More inconsistent signage

I chose not to interpret this sign in line with the UK official Traffic Signs Manual, Chapter 3, which says: “Prohibitory signs … are circular and have a red border. The red ring indicates the prohibition; diagonal bars are used only on signs which prohibit a specific manoeuvre” Just sayin'… (see earlier rant) Photo from Churchill College, Cambridge.

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01 Jul 2013

Only people with shaved legs overtook me

Just back from a wonderful week spent in Soller, Mallorca. There were lots of highlights - one of mine was a bike ride I did from Soller. Mallorcan roads are super smooth (much better than Cambridge), and extremely well engineered - constant gradients up the giddiest of mountainsides. Details like the leg-shaving habits of people who overtake you become important when you’re cycling up passes like the Col de Soller or Puig Major.

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15 Apr 2013

Two Swallows Don't Make a Summer...

…but my cycling tan is going to bed down nicely, I think. Ouch! Great bike ride yesterday to The Green Man in Thriplow - recommended. I saw this year’s first swallows on they way: presumably they’d been riding the strong winds and decided that the weather had finally got warm enough to cross the English Channel. For the interested, here is some evidence of how windy it was. Cycling downhill while pedalling, you’d normally expect to be accelerating, rather than maxing out at about 12mph.

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