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01 Dec 2014

A threatening schedule

Having written code to generate user messages, I know how hard it can be. This email reminder came into my inbox recently and spooked me a bit! “Alert - Make a will” sounded just a little threatening. As it happens, it was a legitimate reminder - I could’ve picked a better title for my appointment, I suppose.

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18 Mar 2013

Crunching the Cloud

The news that Google Reader is to shut down is disappointing. Anyway, it made me think: “what if Google closed down GMail?”. There’s no indication that they plan to, but I don’t like the idea that it might go away one day. So I checked out a few solutions and have downloaded my email using Gmvault. It’s a script that, once you authenticate it with your Google account, merrily churns away, saving your emails into files organised by month.

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09 Jul 2012

Inverting a deluge

A recent post by Quentin (Too Much Email) prompted this thought… I’m a fan of if this then that and find it a very useful type of digital “glue”. I suspect one of its most popular recipes, in the UK at least, is one that emails you if it’s forecast to rain tomorrow. Very useful for cyclists. I also recommend raintoday. Email is best as an exception management. I get an email every day telling me a backup has succeeded.

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