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20 Jul 2012

Sodium Fluoride and Arctic Lichen

I sometimes wish it were my job to come up with the pseudoscience that is so prevalent on marketing material, especially for pharmaceuticals. Toothpaste that contains moss and lichen? Whether or not it actually helps, the juxtaposition of “moss” with calcium ions motivated me to grab this shot while brushing my teeth. I particularly like the chart to the right which shows pain varying over time. Here’s another example. I can safely show you this excerpt from one of my household bills, because it contains so little useful information, and the information it does contain is practically impossible to discern.

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24 Jun 2012

Over-egging the infographic pudding

This over-the-top infographic set off my geek alarm bells today. A one-dimensional time-dependent variable presented as six two-dimensional charts. For good measure, a trivial complementary variable has been calculated and included, along with the numerical value of both variables to an excessive degree of precision. The BBC website is brilliant at things like this. A couple of favourites from the past: BBC mistake computer game logo for UN Security Council symbol “if the government was a mouse this week, the psychedelic view inside its head might resemble that of a little hippy, addicted to LSD.

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