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20 Sep 2020

The Mozz law of pricing

When I were a lad studying science I always dreamed of having a fundamental constant named after me, or maybe a unit or a law. Not that my achievements would even register on the scale: I’m certainly not claiming I’ve ever got near Planck, Newton and other such giants. The name of Gauss (Johann Carl Friedrich, that is) kept coming up during my lectures: he seems to have earned quite some naming rights.

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16 Jan 2019

First foray into fintech

Challenger banks are quite the thing these days. I am a big fan of both Monzo and Starling. I wrote a python script (publicly available on github) to help me save some of my day-to-day cash into one of Starling’s “spaces” (their word for savings goals). I’ve punched in how much I want to start each month with, and how much I’d like to leave at the end, as a buffer.

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18 Feb 2016


I’m enjoying being an alpha tester for a new bank card at the moment. You know how you sometimes spend money on your debit/credit card, then check your balance, but the transaction hasn’t shown up yet and you have to mentally remember to subtract it from the number you see on the screen? Assuming, that is, your bank has a usable app. Another example: “SMS alerts” consisting of a weekly gibberish message at 8am on a Tuesday morning.

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28 Nov 2013

A bumpy rise

An eyebrow-raising typo on the BBC News website, where Rory Cellan-Jones is analysing Bitcoin’s rise to over $1,000 USD/BTC. Did he mean to offer investment advice with his final sentence?

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20 Aug 2013

Unsearchableness and homochirality

Is there a word for things whose existence is hard to uncover by keyword search? I’m thinking about concepts, or solutions to problems, that aren’t too tricky to describe in words, but are difficult to find in a computerised system. For example, having an amateur interest in zoology, I find organisms like sea gooseberries interesting. Taxonomically, they branch off high up in the “tree of life” - but they’re pretty common, occurring all round the world in decent numbers.

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22 Mar 2013

The missing article

Grammar can be important in bank statements. Glancing at the statement for the account I share with Sarah, I saw the following withdrawal, to her personal account: EVENING OUT MONEY -300.00 “Rather an expensive night out,” I blustered. Sarah, in the interest of brevity, had omitted the definite article. I was mistakenly led to believe that the first word of her explanation was part of a compound noun, rather than a present participle.

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14 Jan 2013

Bank error in your favour

W00t! £10 donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

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25 Nov 2012

Here is my credit card number

I’ve been continuing to use Anki and Anki web to stretch the capabilities of my memory. As is well known, coming up with your own mnemonic image is a powerful aid to help you memorise something. It works particularly well if the image is personal, powerful and if you take time coming up with it. Since Anki reinforces memories so effectively, I sketched some of my mnemonics out (helps cement them in yer brain) and they get shown every time I review the card.

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