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20 Aug 2017

Trumpety Trump

I rushed (virtually) to the App Store to download a copy of this trumpet simulator app after seeing this story on the news: App iTrump wins trademark fight against Trump Organization I used to love blowing my own trumpet and now I can do it on my iPhone. I was pleased to pay £2.99 - and judging by the comments on the app, I wasn’t the first person to do so as a sort of a statement.

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11 May 2017

Mixing It

Back in the days when iPods were still A Thing, I remember being super embarrassed by mine. Picture the scene. I’m driving, university mates in the car, ROAD TRIP! Tune-age essential. So my friend Mark picked up my iPod - easy to find at the end of an awkward cable coming out of the glovebox and put it on shuffle. Now my music collection has some well-known anthems, some music that lots of people would consider pretty weird, that was all fine.

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01 Apr 2015

Goodbye to an old friend

Dear Sony MHC-2900 Thank you for 20+ years of faithful service. Looking at you languishing in my neighbour’s skip - into which I deposited you with their permission, I hasten to add - brings back fond teenage memories of listening to John Peel, Mark & Lard and The Evening Session late at night. I always wondered why your entire volume range was within the first ten degrees of rotation, even though I could keep turning for at least 270.

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09 Oct 2014

Avant-garde Apple Pie

Just been captivated by the radio for a couple of hours. A single programme spanning 16th century madrigals, The Beach Boys, Azerbaijani folk singing, a Christmas carol and Maxïmo Park? Crazy time signatures (a favourite of mine), non-western harmonies, unusual tuning systems, oh - and Elvis, too. Coherently and creatively presented with a theme developing and running throughout. I am a happy licence fee payer, indeed. Catch it on iPlayer before it’s too late:

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