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26 Jun 2023

Long, crustless hypotenuses

Branstonnaise is a new one on me: I’ve just discovered the third high-entropy food product to feature on this blog. It has prompted me to share a recipe for a sandwich. Ultimate Cheese is its name, and Sarah invented it while we lived in New Zealand. It doesn’t contain Branston pickle, but it does contain mayonnaise and another brown, tasty sandwich sauce. Note: the recipe is opinionated re: bread colour and cheese form (sliced over grated).

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17 Feb 2016

IRN-BRU sorbet

Burns Night is a big deal in our family, and we celebrated it last month. The past couple of times I’ve made (what I think is) a successful sorbet from IRN-BRU, the most Scottish of soft drinks. I started from this recipe courtesy of Jane Levi/Silphium. Realising that the flavour would be more intense if I didn’t dilute the BRU, I figured: There are 10.3g sugar in 100ml of IRN-BRU (source).

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