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16 Feb 2019

Ptilonorhynchus violaceus

A few of my favourite things came together last weekend. I was out for a chilly morning run, listening to one of my top podcasts (via bone conduction - my favourite way to listen while exercising), and the episode featured one of my favourite birds. In 2008 Sarah and I spent time volunteering in Eastern Australia, helping the Borgia research group to catch and study satin bowerbirds. These birds are awesome - I use the word deliberately.

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02 Dec 2012

On time travel

Just finished A Slower Speed of Light, a computer game in which simple relativity is explored - the (simulated) speed of light is slowed bit by bit. As it does so, all sorts of relativistic effects happen (my favourite is the Doppler effect, but others are perhaps more interesting). Travelling sideways is particularly trippy. It took me about 29 minutes. Well, in my frame of reference, it did. In the game’s universe it was a little over half an hour…

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