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15 Jun 2013

Pleasing taste, some monsterism

Advice about babies comes with large error bounds. It’s reassuring, up to a point. “Oh, that? Anything between three times a day and once a month is normal, yes.” “Aha, right - OK: sometimes there are three of them.” That sort of thing. Due to the “red book”, all parents know their child’s weight, and also know which percentile that puts the little blighter on. Slightly worrying to hear, though, that a health worker told a friend of ours “mmm, well, 99th percentile is quite high.

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12 Apr 2013

Be careful on your birthday

I’ve long thought that this would be the case: you are statistically more likely to die on your birthday than any other day of the year. People do unusual things on their birthdays - drink more alcohol, push their front door open and get a shock from a surprise party, parachute jumps… Idly browsing the internet, I’ve just discovered that this has been studied, and the results show “the overall death excess on the day of birth was 13.

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22 Jan 2013

How many nappies to go?

Recently, wee Iris experienced a nappy surplus. We had too many of the things in size 2, and she outgrew them. In an attempt to avoid this happening again, and so as to avoid wastage and expenditure, I have developed The Nappy Predictor Module (TM). I used data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and a statistical function from StackExchage. The results show that Iris is about 86th percentile (weight-for-age).

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29 Oct 2012

Induction by Sod's Law

Sarah and I are waiting for a baby at the moment. I’m certainly excited, but Sarah can’t wait to get on with the whole birth thing! It makes statistics like these highly pertinent: Probably Overthinking It - are first babies more likely to be late?. Highly recommended reading, by the way. There are many traditional methods of “getting things moving” -ahem - but one that only occurred to me recently, I’ve called “Induction by Sod’s Law”.

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