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18 Aug 2014

A metablog

A blog post about blogging. Not long ago I helped out a good friend by building a website for The Linacre Institute. It’s a great charity which aims to help talented and disadvantaged students at northern comprehensive schools reach the UK’s more competitive universities. I’m building them a blog at the moment, using Ghost. I’ve built a custom install script for ghost on Webfaction which should simplify backups and upgrades. Check it out if you’re a Webfaction customer like me.

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01 Feb 2014


A long post summarising why I’ve fallen out of love with Arq backup, and some noodlings on the longevity of bits. Being currently engaged in the digitisation of all my Mum and Dad’s precious photo albums, and relatively recently having become a father myself, I’ve been thinking about backups. A dull topic, admittedly, but my personal photos and videos aren’t like my music collection or, if I’m honest, my work files.

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06 Jun 2013

Their tables were stored full, to glad the sight

About a year ago I came across a great open source resource: the complete works of William Shakespeare, in an SQL database. I couldn’t resist tinkering with it and got a few things done. What I really wanted was to open up the database so that people could run their own queries on it. Thanks to Webfaction, I’m able to do this now. Click the link below to see what you can do.

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26 Jun 2012

The Wonder of Webfaction

This site is hosted by Webfaction. I’ve run sites and applications with this company since 2008, and not only have I never had a problem with them, I can actually remember being impressed by their support. They’re proactive, for heaven’s sake! Just now at Owlstone we’re moving host providers, to, you guessed it, Webfaction. I just used their API to create about 45 email addresses with forwarding in 5 minutes.

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