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A home automation system

Like all web geeks I have run node.js on a Raspberry Pi in my house. I got into xbee mesh networking and open-sourced a library , which has grown into a little project of its own (under the auspices of other people).

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3d brain.100x100

My brain, 3D printed

Based on an MRI scan. Not life size!

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Shakespeare in a database

Practise your SQL on something more interesting than employee and customer data.

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How many seconds

Have you missed your gigasecond? I was born to the sound of a clock striking. I was able to anticipate when I would pass the age of 109 (one billion) seconds, and I duly marked the occasion.

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Bat detector.100x100

A bat detector

Following an eye-opening punting bat safari with Scudamore’s in Cambridge, and as a way of indulging my electronics habit, I made myself a bat detector.

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A knitted octopus

A labour of love for my god-daughter, this little fella made rather a tricky “my first knitting project”.

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A unique running race

How do you (reasonably fairly) handicap a race without information about the competitors’ abilities?

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Raspi children’s bedroom lights

A parent’s dream: the room lights go dim and the “moon” comes out for story time. “Space lady” lights up the night in technicolour patterns. In the morning, daylight coloured light silently starts the day.

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My first web project: covered by TV and national newspapers, it featured marquee text, animated GIFs (the first time around). Resurrected in 2014 to celebrate a strong run in the FA Cup.

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